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Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

How to Be Still and Let God Fight Your Battles

Last week I got to a place where I was fighting a battle in my marriage that wasn’t my battle to fight. I was instructed by God to be still, yet here I was still taking up my own sword trying to cut the head off of the demon suffocating my husband to death.

For a year now, I’ve been praying for God to heal and deliver my husband completely of all his demons from his past…and here lately it looks like things are only getting worse as he continues to use alcohol to numb his pain.

Why do I take things into my own hands? Because I’m not good at waiting. And, unfortunately, I battle between enabling him and then being over dramatic when things are not progressing in our favor.


How was all this battling in my own strength working out for me? It wasn’t—I found myself battle weary messaging my sisters in Christ for prayer and advice.

This is the word the Lord gave my friend for me:

I just spent some time in prayer this morning, Sarah!

Keep your eyes on ME he says. You have taken on this battle that is not yours to fight and you have exhausted yourself.

I have things I want you to do and if you let the enemy wear you down you will not do ALL I have for you.

This is MY battle. Not yours. Focus on ME and every promise I have made you dear daughter.

Yep, that was definitely a word straight from the Lord to not only me but I believe you, too!

Focus, sisters, is what we have to do next. FOCUS ON GOD AND NOT THE GIANTS THAT SURROUND US ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

Immediately after I read her message, I repented for the control I was still trying to maintain. Surrender is hard…letting go and trusting God is hard—at least it is for me!

So here is the another thing we need to do…RETREAT AND GIVE GOD THE BATTLE!

I’m telling you the moment I repented, God responded with confirmation that He’s got this by giving my friend another word:

Ok, Sarah, this morning when I was praying in the Spirit I saw Harold standing and a snake coiled over and over around him. I wasn’t sure what that was so I wanted to pray some more.

I said to the Lord that usually when a snake has their prey like that they are close to death. That’s when I heard “We’re close to the end”.

I got on the treadmill to exercise and watch a podcast and I couldn’t get into it and by 20 minutes I had such a righteous anger I had to get off and go get my (plastic) sword and FIGHT!

I was ready (even though I AM NOT going to take on that spirit of leviathon) I have other strategies.

Anyway, physically speaking, the only words that would come out of my mouth were thanking God for what He is doing through ALL of this. Thanking Him over and over for both of you!

I don’t remember what all I prayed and said but it was GOOD and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

Harold is in his dramatic death scene! He is going to finish well, Sarah!

And right there it was…the key to being still and letting God fight your battle—WORSHIP WITH THANKSGIVING!

We are to always be suited in the armor of God…but I’m learning that we aren’t always to advance on the battlefield. Sometimes we are to retreat and be still as we focus and worship in thanksgiving knowing the victory is ours.

As always, thank you for praying for me and my husband. We love and appreciate you all!

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan 🖤

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

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