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Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

Christmas with a House Full of Children while Missing the Ones that are Gone

The first week leading up to Christmas was very quiet with the kids being at their dad’s until Friday.

You don’t realize the empty void your children fill until they are gone from under your wing.

I don’t know what it’s like to have one move out after they finish high school like it’s intended to be…I only know the brokenness that comes with the one that leaves before their time.

And I know it in a way that is different from my husband.

My son left from under my wing at 13, but my husband’s daughters left at 16 and 17 for eternity.

There are times I can’t fold clothes without crying because I know there should be an extra pile…I’m sure he’s had little reminders of sadness like this for the past 22 years too.

There should always be one extra…and in his case two.

I cry writing this because it’s truly been a season of why, Lord…was there no other way?

But He just keeps saying this is the way…trust me.

I have to believe his word is true when he says that He works all things out for the good to those that love Him.

So that’s what I do…that’s what we do…we trust that there is a purpose from our greatest pain.

Even if we afflicted some of the pain on ourselves.

I still don’t get to see my eldest as often as I’d like. I look forward to the holidays when I get to see his face, hear him laugh, and hold him close.

Today I enjoyed seeing my son…a gift my husband longs for that I have and he doesn’t…a day would be enough for him.

If only he could hear their voice, see their smile, or touch the warmth of their skin one more time.

If you’ve read this far…Do you have this gift? Are your children still within reach?

Don’t take it for granted as I once did…you never know what the next season will bring.

Hold them close and cherish the simplest of moments.

The Bible says we do not know what will happen tomorrow! Our life is like a mist. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away.

James 4:14