God hates sin…it’s that simple.

When we don’t submit to God, when we don’t resist the devil, when we allow sin to rule in our hearts; just like the Israelites, we become enslaved to the enemy and need deliverance.

When did deliverance come for the Israelites? When they humbled themselves, cried out to God, confessed their sins, and repented (turned away from their evil)…THEN the Lord brought deliverance.

Repentance is the bridge to deliverance in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Do you need repentance for deliverance? Seek Father God today for forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ through the help and counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity’s Most Common Sin in the Body of Christ Today

Pride: self, religious, entitled, high places, spotlight, unteachable, works, self-righteous, self-confident, man traditions, man agenda, man teachings, man commandments.

Idolatry: self, platforms, materialism, money, fame, job, ministry, family, social media, hobbies, television, video games, electronics, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping.

Addiction: social media, television, fast food, sex outside of marriage, porn, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, gambling, caffeine, nicotine, shopping, internet, sugar, work, ministry, attention,

Tongue: gossip, slander, lying, cursing, hatred, criticism, false witness, deceit, manipulation.

Lack of Love: for Jesus, the Gospel, people, the Bible, truth, conviction, repentance, prayer, praise, forgiveness, righteousness, humility.

The Lord is wanting to bring deliverance into the body of Christ in this hour through repentance.

Meditate on the 5 common sins listed above that are running rampant in the body of Christ today.

Ask Jesus to do an examination and cleansing of your mind and heart.

Examine me, O LORD, and try me; Test my mind and my heart.

Psalm 26:2

Let us be a church ready for her Groom.

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