Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

Christmas with a House Full of Children while Missing the Ones that are Gone

The first week leading up to Christmas was very quiet with the kids being at their dad’s until Friday.

You don’t realize the empty void your children fill until they are gone from under your wing.

I don’t know what it’s like to have one move out after they finish high school like it’s intended to be…I only know the brokenness that comes with the one that leaves before their time.

And I know it in a way that is different from my husband.

My son left from under my wing at 13, but my husband’s daughters left at 16 and 17 for eternity.

There are times I can’t fold clothes without crying because I know there should be an extra pile…I’m sure he’s had little reminders of sadness like this for the past 22 years too.

There should always be one extra…and in his case two.

I cry writing this because it’s truly been a season of why, Lord…was there no other way?

But He just keeps saying this is the way…trust me.

I have to believe his word is true when he says that He works all things out for the good to those that love Him.

So that’s what I do…that’s what we do…we trust that there is a purpose from our greatest pain.

Even if we afflicted some of the pain on ourselves.

I still don’t get to see my eldest as often as I’d like. I look forward to the holidays when I get to see his face, hear him laugh, and hold him close.

Today I enjoyed seeing my son…a gift my husband longs for that I have and he doesn’t…a day would be enough for him.

If only he could hear their voice, see their smile, or touch the warmth of their skin one more time.

If you’ve read this far…Do you have this gift? Are your children still within reach?

Don’t take it for granted as I once did…you never know what the next season will bring.

Hold them close and cherish the simplest of moments.

The Bible says we do not know what will happen tomorrow! Our life is like a mist. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away.

James 4:14

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

As Iron Sharpens Iron, So a Friend Sharpens a Friend

A few months back a friend messaged me and said the Holy Spirit was having her pray that my husband would be surrounded by Godly men.

I was in total agreement with her…this was a need. He needed men that would love unconditionally and with compassion in this season of life.

I was once told by a pastor I needed to stay far away from my now husband because he was wicked…but God kept drawing me near to him.

The Lord has had me love him when he hasn’t been so lovable…with the same love Christ has had for me.

From the outside looking in, from the small town talk, I could see why he would call him wicked…but does that mean we need to have the same spirit Jonah had towards Nineveh?

I’m learning it’s God who decides who is worthy of his grace and redemption…not me.

We are told in the Word that iron sharpens iron.

The Lord has answered…and well you can see the smile on my husband’s face as he is surrounded by these men whose families have become our family.

Here’s the thing…the devil wants to isolate and destroy people. Not to hurt us, but to hurt God who loves us and wants to see the people He loves delivered and restored.

Look around. There are people today spending Christmas Eve alone debating on if they should even live another day or take their life.

Christ came this season for them…to give hope for a future.

Do you see someone in need of a friendship? In need of Christ? Someone who needs to feel God’s love flow from you to them?

Don’t miss the blessing of a friendship that can bring one redemption and restoration.

It could be a spouse, a child’s teacher, a neighbor, a co-worker, a brother or a sister…ask the Holy Spirit who he’d have you befriend this coming season.

Show up…be intentional and spread God’s love.

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

Christmas Spirit: A Season to Believe

Wednesday night I went to bed with tears…hanging on to what little hope that I have tucked down deep these past few months.

I’ve been almost scared to hope/dream/do anything because of fear of the what if.

What if it doesn’t happen? I hate the what if of insecurity and doubt that tends to creep in.

My husband didn’t have any words to bring me comfort because he has had the same exhausted, hopeless feeling as me.

Thursday night my husband went to bed with tears and all I could do was hold him, pray for peace and restoration, as he continues to mourn the loss of his two daughters.

I listened as he just kept repeating…it’s been 22 years since I’ve heard their voices.

I’m almost positive this is his first year to not drink to ease the pain…not because he doesn’t want to but because I’ve been battle weary warring against the enemy.

AND we are blessed! I know the Holy Spirit has many warriors near and far interceding for us.

He has not drank in months and the Lord has placed Godly men in his life that have been intentional and walking beside us.

There is a war raging on within in both of us…a war for the future plans the Lord has for us.

I’m asking. I’m seeking…I’m believing God doesn’t expect us just to exist but to live with purpose.

What does living even look like?

Tonight it’s Saturday.

Today we spent most of our day at the farm picking onions. I found myself dreaming once again…believing that all we have experienced is about to be turned around for our good.

My husband reminded me that having Christmas Spirit is not about what we do during this season but what we believe…do we have hope in the promises God has shown us to be fulfilled?

Just like the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I guess you could say I hadn’t had much Christmas Spirit until today.

I feel like there are many that can relate to me and my husband.

You went into this season so ready and full of hope…but now you’re tired and desperately praying for a miracle.

This is the season of miracles…I believe the Lord just wants us to believe again.

Will you believe with me?

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan 🖤