My Testimony

Did you know one small prayer can lead to God doing the impossible in your life?

From picking up chicken in the drive thru to raising a box of chickens in my living room, Jesus took this lifeless-city girl and transformed me into a revived-country girl seeking God with my whole heart.

It was in the secret place of reading my Bible, fasting, and praying; Jesus was able to heal me of all my deep inner wounds: verbal abuse as a child; sexual abuse as an adolescent; verbal, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse as an adult.

Jesus would prove to me there is life after abuse, affairs, divorce, and rebellion if I was willing to open my heart up and let Him in.

I had eight abusers total that I needed to truly forgive so that Jesus could uproot the bitterness and hatred hidden in my heart.

As I began to walk in forgiveness and humility, Jesus brought me to a place of repentance and intimate relationship with Him. I began walking in obedience to His word and not man’s traditions, teachings, and commands.

As I began to submit to Jesus’ authority, yield to the Holy Spirit, and resist the devil; Jesus was then able to deliver me of falsehood and the darkness that was consuming me.

I’m not going to list it all because I pretty much had it ALL—but I will say I was walking in pride, idolatry, addiction, an unruly tongue, and a lack of love for God and things of God; however, Jesus gracefully broke me, healed me, and delivered me into a life that honors Him!

I pray my blog will leave you loving Jesus more and living a life set apart for the Kingdom of God—passing the test of faith as you seek Him daily in Spirit and Truth!

Friend, it’s in the SEEKING and FINDING that you will experience freedom in Christ that you are able to obtain and maintain in your daily walk with Christ.

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