The Bride of Christ

Is the Bride of Christ deceived in your area? Deception is a lethal weapon of the devil to conquer and divide the universal church beginning in the home.

His mission is to stop the unity and flow of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ.

He is doing this successfully today as the body of Christ is in a slumber and needs a great awakening.

She’s needs to be set free by the Spirit of truth.

The church is not a place but a people who have taken up their cross to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

A people who are given a mission by Jesus Christ who is the HEAD of the church…not man.

You will know this principality is gaining ground in your area if the body of Christ is divided by man’s pride and their traditions, denominations, commandments, control, doctrines, and teachings.

You will have a ‘church building’ with ‘church people’ on every corner.

Friends, Jesus is coming back for one church and that is His bride who is living a yielded life to Jesus Christ 24/7.

Who do we wrestle against in Ephesians 6? Principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Who is subject to Jesus? All powers!

Jesus has all power and authority to set areas and regions free, but it’s going to take humility, confession, repentance, fasting, intercession and giving ALL authority back to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Read the Gospels…read the book of Acts.

There was no division, but in the Gospels the people were united in one place with Jesus listening to the very words we have in the Bible.

We need to open our spiritual eyes to the devil creating division in areas today through pride, criticism, arrogance, self-exalting, hardened hearts, twisting of truth, and religion.

Sound familiar?

The Pharisees in their pride and ‘know it all’ attitude missed Jesus as they exalted the temple, themselves, money, and the law of Moses.

Don’t miss Jesus.

This same devil that stirred up division then, is the same devil conquering areas today.

Bride of Christ, we need to wake up, unite, and take back territory!

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