Do you need deliverance? Seek Father God today for deliverance through repentance and the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Strongholds that Bind You

Anger, hatred, malice, rage, murder, temper, cursing, vengeance, retaliation, violence, abuse, cruelty, sadism, unforgiveness, bitterness, being judgmental or critical, taking offense easily/irritability, anger towards men or women, anger towards mother or father, anger towards authority, anger/resentment towards God

Fear, fear of man, fear of authority, doubt/unbelief, dread, worry, anxiety, fear the worst will happen, fear of various illnesses like cancer, fear people will get angry with you or won’t like you, spirit of false responsibility, spirit of rush

Abandonment, desertion, divorce, rejection, neglect, victimization, blocked intimacy, not valuing people/relationships/ending relationships, burning bridges, isolation, loneliness, self-pity

Shame, anger, condemnation, disgrace, embarrassment, guilt, hatred, self-hate, self-pity, withdrawal, hiding/antisocial, timidity, inferiority

Addictions, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, sugar, coffee, chocolate/sweets, pornography, sex, flirtation, junky magazines/websites/TV shows/movies, overeating, drinking too much alcohol, anything you cannot do in moderation

Sensuality, lust, fantasizing/coveting another’s mate, flirtation, premarital sex, sexual abuse, fornication/adultery/emotional adultery, demonic sex, pornography, bondage/control, rape, incest

Depression, rejection, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, self-pity, withdrawal, suicide

Grief,sorrow, despair, heartbreak, loss, pain, torment, weeping, anguish, agony

Mental instability, mental illness, compulsions, confusion, hysteria, paranoia, schizophrenia, insanity

Pride, arrogance, disdain, selfishness, control/pushiness, independence, callousness/lack of concern for others, gossip

Procrastination, sloth, laziness, distraction/ confusion/ lack of focus, not thinking things through before acting or speaking or writing emails, lack of organization/preparation, lateness/tardiness, missing appointments/phone calls

Strongmen and the Demons they Control

The spirit of Jealousy: Controlling the spirits of envy, hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, vengefulness, anger, violence, rage and murder

The Lying spirit: Controlling the spirits of deception, exaggeration, falsehood, guile, false doctrine, false religions and craftiness.

Familiar spirit:Controlling the spirits of Witchcraft, Obhia, Juju, Satanism, Divination, witches, diviners, soothsayers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, spells, curses, hexess, potions, lotions, powders, dusts, chants, incantations, sacrifices, offerings, covenants, vows and all Occult practises.

Spirit of Perversion: Controlling the spirits of sexual immorality of any type, fornication, lust, adultery, pornography, prostitution and any sexual practice forbidden by the Word of God.

Spirit of Heaviness: Controlling the spirits of depression, despair, oppression, hopelessness, fatigue, exhaustion, paranoia and all mental illness.

Spirit of Harlotry: Controlling all spirits that compete with God, ambition in the workplace if used to put down others, good looks and beauty including cosmetic surgery, the love of money, material possessions, and corruption.

Spirit of Infirmity: Controlling the spirits of sickness, suffering, all diseases, ailments, disability, pain and terminal illness leading to death.

Deaf and Dumb spirit: Controlling the spirits of Epilepsy, all fits, convulsions, speech loss, stuttering, deafness and dumbness.

Spirit of Fear: Controlling the spirits of anxiety, phobias, compulsive behavior patterns, insomnia, terror, anguish, nightmares and all fears.

Spirit of Pride:Controlling the spirits of haughtiness, brashness, arrogance, self righteousness, refusal to listen and all aspects of the Jezebel spirit.

Spirit of Bondage: Controlling the spirits of domination, control, manipulation, addiction of any kind, OCD, all forms of cult and religious mind control, personal control and bullying in relationships and a corrupted core belief system.

Spirit of Anti-Christ: Controlling the spirits of every cult, creed or religion that rejects Jesus as Lord and Savior and rejects the Holy Trinity and offers false doctrines that oppose the Word of God and comes under the direct authority of satan.

Through repentance and submission to Jesus Christ we are given the power and authority through Jesus Christ to renounce all strongholds and demand all demons to flee.

I rebuke you spirit of [Stronghold/Strongman], I charge thee, come out of me, and enter no more into me in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

Father, create in me a clean heart. Renew a right spirit within me. Keep me in your glorious presence, and fill me with your Holy Spirit.

Restore unto me the joy and peace of my salvation.

Holy Spirit, intercede for me now with your resurrection power. I know not what all to pray, but you groan and grieve for me.

Jesus, I thank you for setting me free. You are Holy, Righteous, Healer, and Deliverer.

Cleanse me with your redeeming blood.

In your mighty name, Jesus-Amen.

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