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Oil Press Journal

May 2014 | An Obedient Heart

I still tell God exactly what I’m thinking. How I really feel. However, I no longer base my decisions on ‘what will people say’ but I act on ‘what does God say.’ With only one month left in school, I uprooted my children, and we headed to the country. I enrolled them in public school …

Oil Press Journal

April 2014 | A Sharing Heart

Women sharing their redemption stories helped me heal, so I began sharing my story…the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly. I created a blog, and named it Rowdy with Four. Women began reaching out to me…they could relate. Why? Because everyone, yes, everyone has something troubling their heart. We all experience pain, sorrow, …

Oil Press Journal

March 2014 | A Faithful Heart

In the fall, I began studying the Bible chapter by chapter with the women at my new church. Now March, I was spending more and more time seeking God in His word and in prayer.  3/28/2014 Lord, Burden my heart for the lost. Let me be a light to my children, family, friends, neighbors, and …