About Me

Hi there! I’m Sarah Morgan!

Do you believe opposites attract?

The only thing my husband and I had in common when we first met was our love for God, the word of God, and DEEP wounds from our past.

God saw it fit to join our broken paths with purpose…me a city girl and him a farmer.

We live a simple life in the country sharing our faith, testimony, and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We believe there is freedom and life in Christ even after affairs, death, divorce, rebellion, addiction, and abuse.

Jesus is still in the healing and deliverance business.

Here are just a few words that best describe me and the things that I’m most passionate about:

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, my husband, my children, my family, my territory, my Bible, people, the lost, planting seeds, repentance, forgiveness, abuse awareness, healing, deliverance, revival, writing, dancing w/ my hubby, fostering, chickens, gardening, t-shirts, and hats.

Rowdy with Four:
Blog Post from my original blog from spring 2014 – summer 2016.

Hill of Zion/Women of Light Magazine: A vision the Lord gave me in summer 2016 for the body of Christ to rescue, restore, and release a mighty army of light.

Five Jars of Fire: My new blog space to be a voice in the wilderness as we prepare our hearts for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

WOL Magazine: Articles written by women who are humble, honest, and transparent as they seek God in every season of life.

Oil Press Journal: Sharing the seasons of my heart through prayer, journaling, and reflection.

FK and M Boutique: An online boutique for women that supports my ministry work here at Five Jars of Fire.

Please take a moment to say hello and share a little about you! What is your story? What words best describe you? [SHARE HERE]

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