I still tell God exactly what I’m thinking.

How I really feel.

However, I no longer base my decisions on ‘what will people say’ but I act on ‘what does God say.’

With only one month left in school, I uprooted my children, and we headed to the country.

I enrolled them in public school for the first time. It would be a trial run to see if this could really be the life that God had for us.


Lord, I want to be the wife and best friend I am supposed to be to my husband. Heal our marriage and give me the same love for him that you have for me.  Help us to center our marriage around you. Give us both a desire to have an intimate relationship with you. Help me to be the mother you have called me to be. Thank you for watching over us and for  bringing us into this new season. Your will, not mine! Amen.

I’m pretty sure people thought we were crazy.

I thought we were crazy, but I was finally learning to seek God in everything and to follow His ways.

An obedient heart listens to God.

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