In the fall, I began studying the Bible chapter by chapter with the women at my new church.

Now March, I was spending more and more time seeking God in His word and in prayer. 


Lord, Burden my heart for the lost. Let me be a light to my children, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Revive our nation one last time before your return. Where Christian men are leading their home, Christian women are leading their children, a nation that seeks you for direction. Let it begin with me. Renew a right spirit in me. Let the desires of my heart be for you and your will. Continue to heal my marriage and my broken spirit. Draw me close to you. I praise you for our church home you have placed us in. For our church family that has embraced us and loved us. God, I want your will, not mine! Amen.

Daily His truth was washing over me.

My focus was shifting from service to worship…from religion to relationship.

I was becoming a Mary.

A faithful heart sits at the feet of Jesus daily.

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