When I was told my administration position was no longer mine, I was angry…devastated.

I resented my co-ministers for only offering me a teaching position after after 15 years of pouring long hours and tears into this ministry that was my baby.

This took me off guard. I no longer wanted to move to the country. I wanted to stay where I was.

Why was God allowing me to be forced out through deceit and manipulation?


Lord, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’m so thankful that I have your great love. I don’t want a bitter heart. Right now, I have one. Give me a heart of love. Help me to let go of the past. Set my eyes on the future. Help me to fully forgive my husband. Help me give 100% to our relationship. I don’t know what the future holds, but you do. I’m scared. Help me to be patient while I wait for your promises. Your will, not mine! Amen.

On Valentine’s Day my heart let go, and I walked away trusting God with my future. 

Looking back, God revealed my sin of idolatry to me.

Right out of high school, the Christian school at my church became my EVERYTHING.

Ministry and church going became my god.

Somewhere along the way religion took the place of my relationship with Jesus.

Friend, a convicted heart repents of the sins the Holy Spirit reveals to us.

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