I was just out checking my squash plants this morning…looking for squash bugs and eggs.

I’ve been killing them off one by one.

It will be a daily squishing and scraping if I want my plants to flourish past June here in Texas.

Every year, the few bugs that survive winter come back like clock work to lay their eggs and multiply.

You have to eliminate them early if you don’t want them to destroy your plants.

Last year, I forgot to check for them at the beginning of the season and by the time I found them, they’d done laid and hatched an army that left my plants dead with no harvest.

It’s the same with us—daily we need to examine our hearts and allow Jesus to squish and scrape any sin that is in us.

If we let sin multiply, it will overtake us and it will be harder to break free.

Friends, don’t let Satan rob you of your harvest.

Examine the heart daily. [http://www.fivejarsoffire.org/repentance/]

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