August came, and it was time.

Time to stop running from God’s will for my life.

It was time to run to the promises of a new season, and that’s what I did.

I ran!

Without hesitation, I packed up our belongings and we left the city.

Everything I have lost, God has replaced.

God blessed me with a new season, a new mission, and a new life in HIm.


God, I will not worry. Instead, I choose to worship you. You are great and mighty, and I know that my needs are met because of your goodness and love for me. Help me as I follow your dreams for me. Give me ideas to serve you and others. Bless the fruits of my labor. Let me share you with many. Your will, not mine! Amen.

This rowdy-country girl traded in her dress shoes for a new pair of boots.

God has blessed me with so much.

When we give God what He ask, He returns far more to us than we can imagine.

Now, it’s time!

Time for my rowdy heart to embrace my new season.

My season to dream.

A rowdy heart dreams the impossible!

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