Women sharing their redemption stories helped me heal, so I began sharing my story…the good, the bad, and the flat out ugly.

I created a blog, and named it Rowdy with Four.

Women began reaching out to me…they could relate.


Because everyone, yes, everyone has something troubling their heart.

We all experience pain, sorrow, and grief. It can be from sin in our heart, loss, failures, abuse, and the list goes on.


Lord, Help me to let go of this season and to embrace the new season you have for me. Thank you for the ladies and their willingness and obedience to share their stories. I want restoration. I want to heal. I want to walk and dwell in your presence. I want to love your word. Give me a love for you. Help me to claim your promises. Your will, not mine! Amen.

Sharing freed my heart from the grip of the enemy…It helped me to heal.

My relationship with God was transforming. I began to see God for who He truly is. GOD!

He is God!

A sharing heart leads to freedom.

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