I refuse to give up on my husband…it’s as simple as that.

Everyone he has ever known has done that very thing.

I believe God put us together for this very reason.

Back in February the Lord told me I was going to have to love Him gently and humbly…and that’s what I intend to do.

Some days I succeed…others I don’t.

I get frustrated and upset.

Some days I just want to throw the towel in…that’s when God gives me reminders (like today). He reminds me what…more importantly who I’m fighting for.

I’m documenting this day not because it was cold as all get out as we were watching Landry work his goat but because today my husband laughed again…not just a chuckle (haha) in His usual manly voice but it was like that of a child where you try not to but you can’t stop.

He enjoyed cooking and baking today…something he hadn’t really spent a lot of time doing lately. He made the kids his homemade pizza, us a sausage potato with all the works, and a lemon crumble pie.

I had to do my best not to grumble when I cleaned up the mess left behind in kitchen…I believe that’s loving gently and humbly.

An unconditional love.

As I think back in my lifetime, I can’t count how many times I’ve had uncontrollable laughter…my husband however probably can.

Despite the expected afflictions we all endure throughout life, I’ve had a pretty simple and blessed life full of wonderful memories.

My husband however has lived a lifetime of abandonment, rejection, and loss.

I’m learning that he’s not the only one…but there are many that live or have lived a life of solitary enslaved to addiction to endure the pain that runs so deep.

It’s definitely been a journey but he’s finding his way back to that 8 year boy that spent his first summer alone on the farm.

The first summer he had to depend on the Lord.

He’s getting that joy back…that joy that can come only from having peace with the Lord.

I believe I’m finding that as well as I write this blog tonight…it feels good to share the good, bad, and ugly again as I find my place in this life.

Who is God calling you to love gently and humbly? Your unconditional love could make all the difference in the world.

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan 🖤

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