The way my weekend went leading into Thanksgiving break…I just knew Thanksgiving Day was going to be awful.

Thursday and Friday were spent crying and missing my eldest son.

The holidays just do that to me as I take that walk down memory lane trying to cling to the good times.

Saturday started out good. I met up with my sisters in Christ for a Friendsgiving.

Just as we were getting ready to pray and leave I received a message from my husband.

I read the text and as I read it I felt my heart go up into my throat…I knew in that moment he had been drinking.

I was angry!

He apparently had a BAD morning.

It went from bad to ugly real fast as the enemy began targeting my mind to get my emotions.

For a moment…I mean for a moment it worked until I took it to my Father.

When I got home my husband wasn’t there and he had left his phone.

All I could think about was…Lord, why would you show me to host a community Thanksgiving if you knew this was going to happen…who’s supposed to cook the turkey and dressing now?

Well our Father is Alpha and Omega…He knows the path that brings us to Him.

We are each on our own journey to Him.

Sunday morning rolled around. It was our church Thanksgiving Dinner. As I have mentioned my husband has been attending with me. This was a man who would not step foot into a church.

That morning it was just me because my kids were at their dad’s.

I loaded up one of the two pecan pies my husband baked for that day and headed off to church.

I was going to save one for Thursday because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough food for the community dinner.

As I was driving, the Lord told me to go back and get the second pie and my husband’s Bible.

I thought to myself…my husband would never know if I brought one or two pies.

It would be an absolute miracle if he showed up to church on his own after yesterday…especially since he doesn’t have a vehicle or a phone to call for a ride.

Just before service started, he walked in…shakes, shame, guilt and all.

My heart broke.

At that moment I was so glad I went back to get the second pie.

He spent a lot of time baking those pies from scratch just for that day…for the people that God has used to soften his heart.

The Lord has really been teaching me to look through a different set of eyes…eyes that look deeper into a person’s soul.

We can be so critical of an addict and their splinter while unaware of the log in our own eye.

Well….Thanksgiving Day came and I can honestly say it was probably the best Thanksgiving Day I’ve had…despite what the devil wanted me to believe.

Not only did my husband come with a smoked turkey, but my eldest son came too.

And for that day there was a peace and a joy that comes only from the Lord.

Friends, despite what circumstances may look like…keep walking forward in faith.

God has the final say.

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan🖤

PS…we had more than enough food. We could have fed 5000.

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