Hello beautiful, Sisters!

Yes, you…you are beautiful, and God wanted me to remind you that He created you to shine like stars in this dark world.

Among them you shine like stars in the dark world.

Philippians 2:15

The devil works really hard to make you think otherwise. He spends his days and nights whispering in our ear that we aren’t enough…we are too this or too that.

I’m sure you look at photos and think…WOW! She’s beautiful…she’s confident…Oh, I wish I had her hair, her smile, or her…you fill in the blank.

How many of you hate your photo being taken? I can’t stand it! Just ask my sister. I’m very critical of myself. At times I still struggle with the spirit of rejection…just not being enough.

You can read more about my struggle with the spirit of rejection here.

Sisters, the enemy is a master at tempting us with the spirit of comparison with every intention to get us to feel bad about ourselves. It’s time to tell that spirit to go in Jesus name because, Sister, you are fearfully and wonderfully made to SHINE.


This past week I was messaging back and forth with a friend. We were sharing how it felt good to finally want to shop again…we both had our different reasons for not wanting to shop.

For me personally, I’ve gone through seasons of not only not wanting to shop, but not wanting to shave my legs, do my hair, to even not caring about my health or weight…why? Because the devil beat me down so much that I needed inner healing.

Sisters, our inner beauty reflects our outer beauty and how we shine.

It’s not about our shape, our hair, our make up, or what we are wearing…it’s about Jesus being our shine. When He is our shine, people will see a beauty that comes only from being in His very presence.

Sisters, know who you are in Christ.

You are His daughter and you were created to shine through Him. (Ephesians 5:8)

Shine, Sisters, Shine.

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morganđź–¤

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