Dear Woman with No Dream…YOU will Make It.

I think at one point in our life we all had the same “dreams”.

🖤 Get the Dream Job

🖤 Get the Dream Husband

🖤 Get the Dream House and Car

🖤 Get the Dream kids

🖤 Get the Dream Grandkids

But are those really dreams…or just stages of life?

I mean really think about that…isn’t that what a majority of most people do without thought or dreaming?

Most women with NO dreams have all of the above with an exception of maybe the grandkids.


Maybe you are on stage 1 and you’ve limited your dreaming to stages 2-5.

Oh, sisters, you were created to dream big!

So I ask you…do you feel like you are living a life with no dreams?

Ask the Lord to spark a dream in you.

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

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