Many have been asking for an update on my husband and so here it is…April 2018 I was prophesied over and this is what she said:

“God’s got great things for you. He’s got some great things, hallelujah. God is going to do some great things. You have filled up and now you’re going to pour out. He says you’re carrying your pitcher, but the pitcher comes from the waters that you’ve walked through that have been troubled from hurts, bruises, wounds, and He says that I have healed you by my Spirit.

He says that what you are going to see is going to be greater than the hurts that you have walked through. Had you not known it, Jesus Himself said. He said, ‘I am touched with a feeling of your infirmities and you have some infirmities that have been felt by me and not only that but these things that you have gone through you are gonna touch people.’ You’re gonna say, ‘Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey I am touched I know the feeling of your infirmity because I’ve walked there.’

And He says take your pitcher. He says you’re kinda like that woman but not in the same realm that came to the well in Jesus was there and she had her bucket. He said she didn’t leave with the bucket she left with the well. She went into the city and said, ‘Come and See! Come and see the One that told me all things!’ I guess she’s kind of like the first preacher, hallelujah to go forth.”

Why did I write that down…because not a week later, I would find myself lying on the ground, struggling with my drunk husband on top of me. God knew I was going to need that word plus every word, vision, dream He had given me up until that moment.

Nothing took place that I didn’t already know.

Why? because I have a relationship with God. I hear from Him as I seek Him daily.

That day I could see the darkness battling with the light around me.

My spiritual eyes were open.

Everything I had been warring against for the past year was coming to a head around me.

When I say war…I mean WAR!

Only a few know the battle I’ve truly been facing the past 2-3 years as I put my trust completely in my God and the words He speaks to me as He took me out of the spiritual bubble I have always lived in.

The enemy often tries to intimidate me by keeping me quiet…but that’s not who I am.

That’s not who God is…He’s a God that speaks sometimes soft or sometimes loud, but always clearly if we are seeking and listening.

So why marry him if you knew He was an alcoholic needing healing and deliverance?

Because God told me too and I didn’t question Him.

God writes our stories if we let Him…and He has a story He wants to tell. I chose to let Him write my story and this is part of it.

How will the world know the loving God that we serve if we don’t share?

I love the book of Hosea…God had a lesson to teach through that story, and I believe God has a lesson to teach through mine and my husband’s story.

I know what some are thinking right now…the spirit told me…so then why didn’t you stay and fight with your first marriage.

Easy…God told me to let go. It’s that simple.

Moving on…this morning that same sweet lady reached her hand out towards my belly and said don’t lose that fire…Sister, I don’t plan on it!

I know the day is coming soon where I will be shouting….COME AND SEE!

Come and see what the Lord has done for me and my husband…I see God using our story to bring healing and deliverance for many!

I guess you can say I’m right there with Noah and His bunch…CRAZY.

But I’m OK with crazy because it’s gotten me where I am today with a future planned by God.

Today my husband is still battling with his past demons and drinking…if you fought in any war as my husband did in the Vietnam War, you understand the demons…the guilt and shame that comes with shooting incident children sent to run at you with a weapons and it’s either your life or theres.

He buried his girls at 16 and 17.

And now he has the guilt he carries from April 2018.

Oh, there are no words that can explain the love God has given me for this man. It’s been hard being separated from him. I miss him so very much…and as of last Thursday God told me no more communication or contact with him.

So now I wait on the miracle and sign God has given me…oh, yes, our God is a God of signs and wonders.

It’s hard…but I can truly say the Holy Spirit keeps me filled and moving forward each day with new hope and joy in Christ.

I know the plans that my God has for me and my husband. I know that’s why we had and are having to walk through the fires we are currently walking through….and as I type this I can honestly say I wouldn’t change one thing…NOTHING!

God continues to remind me in Ecclesiastes 3 there is a season for everything…and in HIS timing He makes all things beautiful.

Friends, I love you and I thank you for all your prayers. Our God is a good God!

Rejoice with me in knowing our God is who He says He is and He is going to do what He says He is going to do.

He is raising up a REDEEMED army of sinners from all walks of life.

Much Love,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan🖤

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