I hope you decide to plant the fall garden.

I know the summer harvest turned out nothing like either of us had hoped when we were planting those seeds with so many dreams for our future.

In fact, since that day in April our dreams have been long dead with no hopes of coming alive.

At least that’s the lie the enemy wants us to believe.

We both know he’s a liar. If he can get us to believe his lies than he can get us to fear, doubt, and ultimately give up.

Saturday night I was hearing those lies again. I cried out to God in the night. He knows I’ve been weeping and fighting for us, our future, and our dreams.

Feeling tired and frustrated…I asked God if I’m supposed to be fighting this fight.

Yes, the enemy likes to mess with my mind, too.

He can’t know our thoughts so instead he invades our minds with his deceit, condemnation, and lies.

I don’t know if you remember me telling you, but just before I got divorced I was told that if I still went through with the divorce that I should stay far away from you as possible because I was being deceived by the enemy.

They didn’t know they were the ones being deceived…but in my silence God promised me that one day all truth will come to light.

I’m believing that.

It seems like yesterday He was telling me I was going to have to fear Him and not man if I was going to receive God’s perfect will for my life.

There’s been a lot of heartache that has come with that choice, but I’m going to continue to choose to fear Him.

But back to the question…sorry I’m being like good ol’ Ruff and chasing squirrels.

Am I being deceived? Is that the truth? Or is that just another lie from the enemy?

Here’s the thing…if I’m being deceived and all those visions and dreams were not from God but were merely lies and deception…then I don’t know who I am and I’m doomed to perish.

I know the devil doesn’t want me to know who I am in Christ…there’s power in that!

I know deep down that all the visions and dreams I’ve had were indeed from God…only God could orchestrate a love story as beautiful and unique as ours.

It’s our very own redeeming love story.

We seriously couldn’t make this all up if we tried.

I sought Him with all my heart and I found Him…HIM…I AM…and in return He used that stubborn ol’ mule Blue to join our paths.

I love that He showed us our future so we would both know what exactly it is we are fighting for…and not only that so He could show His glory through our story.

So why was I doubting?

Because nothing looks like what I thought it would…and it definitely doesn’t look like what God had been showing us over the years.

So that leads me back to asking God to give me confirmation…ask and you shall receive.

Sunday morning at church I went down for two ladies, who don’t even know us, to pray in agreement with me.

The ladies began to pray for you and me…one began to pray quietly in her prayer language. I could feel God’s presence engulfing me.

All I could do was cry hallelujah.

Then the other lady began to pray in her prayer language…and then there was silence.

I looked up as one of the lady’s looked at me and said I’m seeing a city. I see you and a man I assume is your husband standing on a hill. You are both reaching out your hands and God is handing you the keys…He is opening the door.

I wept with more hallelujahs.

Do you remember my first article in the magazine?

This is what I wrote:

It was underneath the juniper tree I died to self. I walked out from under the tree, I shook of the sand, and I headed to the mountaintop…a city on a hill.

It was the summer I met you that God first showed me a city on a hill. No way those ladies could know that.

Plant the seeds…the harvest and laborers will come.

I love you with all my heart,

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan

PS… I’m still waiting on that squirrel soup.

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