This is a letter from my husband:

My Dearest Everything,

I never want you to feel like you are not included in this life we are journeying on. If it were not for God’s gift (that would be you) I would not have started this wonderful life I now live.

On our trip we discussed our future and I am not sure I have made myself clear. You have given me life and purpose. I do not know if I have the words or actions to explain what it is to be in love for the first time.

Now I don’t know what to write. I need to stay out of the chicken house.

I hope our lives are always filled with moments like that. Pure love and caring for one another like that. I have lost my train of thought. You do that to me and always will.

I never thought I would ever want to start over and thank God I’m not. I’m now know what God and Mom have been showing me. It is just the beginning of a life to the fullest and only you are able to make that possible.

The Barndominium… responsible for spreading fellowship, selling produce, (garden, hay, catfish, beginnings of restaurant, and clothing).

Primary purpose to provide funds for ministry of the spreading of God’s word.

Second as part of teaching other skills, management, and responsibility to God in themselves.

Third to provide a market for our family and extended family to make a living.

Fourth to give to those in true need.

Hay… some sales, some feed, some garden mulch, some custom bailing. God’s beginning foundation to make all the rest possible.

Garden… to provide food to those who serve the Lord. To teach the miracle of God’s creation. That we as a single seed, God produces much. To take care and nurture the desirable and take away the weeds that would damage the fruit of God’s desirable plants.

Can the excess and sell to provide the other things that we as children cannot grow or make. (Bibles, gas, electricity etc.)

To provide fellowship and pride in the work and harvest of the Lord’s promise.

Garden…To provide for those unable to pay. Without shame to them or praise to ourselves but always remembering it is God’s gift. To do it in the Spirit of God’s grace.

To provide the vegetables, pies and cobblers for the little restaurant.

Milk cows…Also God’s creation to teach responsibility and feed all that are in our family and extended family. Excess will also be used in the restaurant.

Catfish… to provide for the restaurant as well as be sold frozen.

Clothes… to provide a living for family and those willing to work.

We will only have enough beef cows, hogs, chickens, and other tasty critters to feed our family and extended family.

These are the things God has shown me on the living end of life. I love you and want you to share this wondrous, miraculous life.

With my love,


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AND thank you to those asking how can I pray for you and your husband?

  1. We are praying God renews our minds from the enemies lies and thoughts as we seek His perfect will.
  2. We are asking God to mend our brokenness that stems from 20 or more years.
  3. We are praying healing for our deepest wounds.
  4. We are praying God delivers us of all our past demons.
  5. We are praying asking God to grow what we have planted and watered for our future.
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