There’s nothing comparable to the mountaintop experience when we no longer lean on our own understanding but instead we allow God to direct our steps higher.

This time last year I struggled with surrender…surrender to God and His complete, perfect will for me.

What God was asking me to do just didn’t make sense at all—and frankly I just didn’t want to do it!

In fact, like Jonah, I first ran the opposite direction. BUT you know how the story goes…just like Jonah ended right back up in the same spot he started running, so did I.

And just like Jonah’s three day journey became one, what should have been a three year journey for me became one year.

Go to that man?!? Marry him?!? God, are you crazy?!? WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY?!? I just got divorced!!!

Honestly, I also had a shallow heart of Jonah towards my husband. The Lord saw the value in my husband when no one else did.

I heard a lot of what people in my inner and outer circles had said over the years…but instead of focusing on the criticism and the lies being told, I chose to focus on what God had to say.

I surrendered despite how it looked through the natural eyes…I decided to take a chance and believe all that God had spoken to me through visions, dreams, and His Living Word over a three year period.

God had a lot to say then and still today.

The first thing God told me was this…Sarah, if you want to experience my perfect will for you, you are going to have to fear me and not man.

Well that wasn’t going to be easy because I was a people pleaser…I cared way too much in what people would say or think instead of what God had to say or even thought.

Fear and pride are two of many STRONGHOLDS of the enemy…and both had a tight grip on me.

I felt abandoned and rejected as well by the people closest to me. God would have to deliver me of those strongholds and many more.

I wanted to explain and defend myself but God would say be quiet I will defend you.

So that’s what I did.

I understand people were looking at my situation through their natural eyes. I get it…I too had a set of eyes like that until I began to seek God in the supernatural…and that’s when He made Himself fully known to me.

What makes sense in the natural will never make sense in the supernatural. God’s ways and thoughts are simply not ours. They are so much higher than ours.

No doubt I was bruised with no flame only smoke…but God was so gentle and tender until I became a strong and the full flame He created me to be.

He introduced me to the Spirit of the Lord who dwells in me…He is my knowledge, counsel, wisdom, power, fear of the Lord and so much more!

Holy Spirit is supernatural.

It’s exciting to know we have the same resurrection Holy Spirit that filled Jesus filling us!

It was a journey learning to yield to the Spirit each day and not the flesh as God began to prepare me for what was ahead—war.

Spiritual war.

The Spirit would say read a chapter in your Bible…but my flesh would say just scroll Facebook.

The Spirit would say go for a worship walk…the flesh would say your tired just watch a movie.

The Spirit says come to me in prayer…the flesh says you just eat some chips and salsa and you’ll feel better.

The Spirit says focus on what I’ve told you…the flesh says don’t you see what’s going on around you!

Little by little, one piece at a time, I was putting on my armor…truth, righteousness, peace, faith, security, and before I knew it I had my sword and I was ready to fight back against my real enemy.

I took my focus off the seen and put it on the unseen…the promises, dreams, and visions God had given me. I found myself advancing upward with God’s right hand of righteousness guiding me higher up the mountain.

Before I knew it, I was on top of a high mountain in the very presence of God.

He reminded me of the cloud of witnesses who had gone on before me.

God told Noah to build a big boat in the middle of a desert. A desert! No water and up to that point it had never rained on the earth.

You know his critics thought he was CRAZY! But after the flood Noah and the ark rested on top of a mountain.

Yes, a mountain.

What about Sarah and Abraham having that baby in their old-old age! They had a baby out of the “world’s time-frame”!

What’s worse?

Abraham was going to obey God and sacrifice his child believing God would either raise Him from the dead or provide another sacrifice…but where were Abraham’s critics?

He left them at the base of the mountain. He avoided any negative opportunity.

It’s hard, but sometimes it’s best to leave those we love that aren’t ready to go up with us at the base of the mountain during our climb of faith. Some just aren’t ready for that mountaintop experience yet.

AND that’s okay because they are watching and they will see eventually what the Lord has done through your obedience.

AND Moses…He had many mountaintop experiences that made his face shine from being in the very presence of God! He’d come down from the mountaintop and would have to put a veil over his face because he shone so bright!

The Israelites would see that Moses’ face was shining. So he would cover his face again. He did this until the next time he went in to speak with the Lord.

Exodus 34:35

Do you see?

Your journey to the mountaintop is not just for you…it’s also for the ones you entrust with God at the base of the Mount.

Mount Zion—the very presence of God.

God loves us rather we are at the base of the mountain or the top of the mountain; however, hear me beloved, the top of the mountain is where you experience God at His fullest.

Don’t blend in—fight your way to the top of the mountain, experience God and all His glory, and go forth shining as lights in the world.

And when the real critic comes, and he will, don’t let him sway you into hiding your light under a bushel…instead you tell Satan to get behind you and you be that city on a hill that can’t be hidden.

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