This morning I woke up next to my husband…both of us laughing, cuddled in bed.


Now he’s up making coffee getting our John Wayne movie started…and here I am writing you all.

I’ve kind of prolonged sharing our story on the blog because I really don’t know where to begin.

It’s a story God is still writing…but He’s telling me it’s time to start sharing.

I shared about our first encounter here: How I Almost Missed My Greatest Blessing

Never would I have imagined in a million years that this man would become my everything.

I never imagined this kind of Love was possible—a love created by God.

He is truly my greatest blessing!

The second time I met my now husband was at my First Annual Women’s Fall Retreat.

At this time, I was experiencing God like I had never experienced Him before.

God was reviving this dead heart of mine.

He was slowly breathing life back into my dry bones—this would be a three year resurrection process.

That weekend, my now husband was drunk as a skunk mourning the loss of his mom when he came over to help us.

I’d learn later, the loss of his mom wasn’t the only pain his alcoholism was numbing.

He was at his lowest—begging God for something worth living for.

He let us borrow his extension accord—I learned later that was the only form of electricity he had running to his house.

He used it for his microwave, lamp, and radio.

He mustard up a smile and told me how much he loved what I was doing over here for God—He lived across the street and had been watching.

He had watched me host three Big Backyard Bible Clubs for children on my dad’s farm that previous summer.

Before leaving, He gave me $75 to pay for the pizza.

I didn’t want to take it, but he insisted.

A week went by when I found a letter on my door to Mrs. Terry requesting his extension cord back.

Being a former teacher, I was immediately impressed by his beautiful cursive handwriting—I honestly didn’t think he could even read much less write.

We still joke about that today and his A+.

After that day, I wouldn’t see him again until summer—I wondered who this man was? What was his story?

I would soon find out.

God had a plan.

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