Have you ever wondered if you’ve encountered an angel?

Yesterday—I’m almost 99%  100% sure I did.

Yesterday’s encounter seriously wrecked me.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it!

Here’s what happened—AND I seriously want to know your thoughts on if you think I encountered an angel or not in the comments below.

I was on my way to pick up my eldest son from school when I saw another woman walking down the highway—yes, another woman passing through my small town.

You can read about my first encounter here: Don’t Pass Her By

With a limp, she pulled her cart of bags behind her.

I told myself if she was still walking when I came back by from picking up my son, I was going to stop.

She was…and she hadn’t gotten very far.

I pulled over and got out of the car.

The first thing she did was flash me a big smile with her hot pink lips.

She had such a kind smile.

She was a petite woman, seasoned in age, wearing sunglasses and a hat that hid her eyes.

Click here to listen to the full description I gave of her on FB Live.

I asked the obvious question—where are you headed?

She mentioned a town that wasn’t far from where I was headed.

I offered her a ride and she accepted with such gratitude.

I loaded her bags and cart up in the back of my SUV—which I just happened to clean out before I had left to pick up my son.

Important: I don’t clean my car out LOL.

We got in the car and that’s when she introduced herself to us as Kathy.

I began the small talk of questions—where are you from? Do you have family? What are your plans? Where are you going next?

She answered them all with such joy and enthusiasm.

In a nutshell, she named a big city where she would be catching a bus but first she had a few more people she needed to visit before she went to her final destination.

She talked on and on of her travels as if it’s been a blessing to walk this journey—not a burden at all.

She told us how people would invite her in their homes and she would help them with whatever they needed around their house before she headed to the next town.

Important: Lately I’ve been praying for God to send His angels to defend our home and to minister to us.

Out of the blue she mentioned how she could worship God anywhere and in any church.

Important: Worship has been a struggle of mine. My husband and I have been having church on the ridge, and at times I question if we should be going to another local church until we build our chapel.

I dropped my son off at his appointment, and I figured this would be the perfect time to learn more about her—and her plans.

It has been dropping below freezing, and I really wanted to make sure she got to where she was headed safely.

Well somehow everything shifted—she had me telling my story!

There I was sharing everything past, present, and future with this woman I barely knew.

I told her about the dream God had given me and my husband for Hill of Zion—how we plan to build a retreat center for women and their children needing shelter on 35 acres of our land.

I told her about our ranch and the reason it’s called High and Low Ranch.

Again, she took me off guard!

She said she loved my honesty and openness.

She said I had beautiful, blue eyes and that it would only be fair if she took off her sunglasses—she took them off and her eyes were the most piercing, kindest eyes.

Important: The best way I can describe her eyes and nose is like that of an eagle. She was beautiful.

She began to ask me very specific, personal questions about the info I was sharing.

Questions like—will it be state funded? Have you asked any churches to partner with you? Do you want to have more children?

There was even a moment I thought—I have to take a picture of this amazing woman because I knew I would be sharing this encounter.

In that moment as I thought that she said…I have to stay off the grid for now until I get to my final destination—and then she went on asking me more questions.

I felt led to ask her to stay the night with us—I have never done anything like that before!

I told her we only have an RV trailer right now, but that we would make room.

She told me she’d would think about the generous offer.

I went on to tell her that the next day we would drive her where ever she needed to go to get a bus and that we would pay for it.

She told me how sweet that was but she didn’t need us to buy her a bus ticket because she had plenty of money in the bank—I’m a legal assistant…she said.

Important: Legal Assistants assist lawyers, right?!? Jesus is my advocate…and I seriously felt like I had just got finished getting legal counsel from this complete stranger!

Finally she told me she really appreciated the offer to stay the night, but she really needed to get back on the road because she needed to stay on schedule.

About that time, my son came walking out of his appointment and she put her sunglasses back on.

My son and daughter hadn’t eaten yet so I asked her if it was ok if I stopped at McDonalds before I took her to the next town that was only 10 minutes from where we were.

Important: That was as far as she would let me take her—AND she wouldn’t let me buy her anything to eat or drink. That’s not NORMAL…right?!?

The drive to the next town she spoke so freely with all of us about things we like and enjoy.

We got to the next town and I helped her get her cart and bags out of the car.

Important: That’s when I noticed her cart looked brand new—like the wheels have never been used!

She had said goodbye and thank you to my son for letting her sit in the front seat.

Then she said…goodbye, Peyton…with the biggest smile.

Important: She acted like she had known my daughter for awhile—and today my daughter told me yesterday was not her first day to meet Kathy!

I asked Kathy if I could pray with her before she headed off and she said yes with a big smile.

I hugged her and we prayed.

Important: She had the sweetest smell.

I drove off and turned the corner—as I looked back she waved.

Important: The distance I was, she should not have been able to see me looking to see if she was still there—because in the moment I knew I had just entertained an angel.

So what do you think—did I entertain an angel?

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2

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