When I was going through my divorce with my first husband, I asked him why he loved me. He replied in a text with a short list of things…it was as though after 15 years He didn’t really know me at all.

Not only that…most of his reasons were often things he complained about most during our marriage leaving me beat down.

So, yeah, that left me a bit confused.

Before marrying my now husband, I asked him the same question and this is what he wrote in the letter he gave me.

My Dearest Everything,

I love you. Love is the only description I know to say, but it is so much more!

You asked me to list the ten things I love most about you. I don’t know if that is possible, but I will try.

1.) The number one reason and the one that brought us together is your love of God…to have a love of His word and want to follow His will. That we both may learn to serve Him as He will lead us.

2.) Your heart…the one that beats as one with mine. The kindness it shows and the way it expands each day. I owe everything to you for teaching me compassion. Our hearts are one.

3.) Your soul…knowing we will serve God as one. You balance me and make me a whole person. Together we are one and will be for eternity.

4.) Being a great mom…teaching your children in the ways of the Lord. I know our children we have in the future are safe and will be raised to find the Lord.

5.) Your sense of caring…even when I don’t have the energy to do the things that I need to do, you assure me everything will be alright.

6.) Your faith…I am sorry I don’t always have mine as it should be, but then you always are able to give me some of yours. It can be a Scripture or something as simple as your encouragement.

7.) The love of all God’s wonders…from a sunrise in the morning to the sunset in an afternoon. The stars in the heavens, the moon, a simple flower to the magnificent change in the color of the trees.

8.) The walks we take…simply holding my hand and spending time with me. I know you have to make time to do it, but you do it with such love and care. It never matters whether it is day or night, cloudy or bright, raining or not. It gives me such a peace and sense of well being.

9.) Your smile…it lifts my heart and lets me see inside your heart and soul. No matter how I feel that smile and sparkle that comes to your eyes shows so much love.

10.) Your hugs…Oh my, I feel like I almost can’t live without them. I can’t describe the oneness it gives me. I never ever want to let go. I just want to absorb you and be one.

11.) Your ability to be my Abigail…to be able to remind me God is in control not me. To give me the sense to seek and trust in all the Lord does for me and us.

I’m going to stop there because my ‘now’ husband answered my question with a 5 page letter front and back. Trust me when I say his letter gave this girl who has struggled so long with self worth…a sense of value.

I want to share one more question with you that I asked my Husband.

When did you know that you loved me?

He opened his Bible to 1 Samuel 25 and began to read…his answer: God showed me in His word that I love you.

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